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On The Rhoad

Nov 20, 2018

The Art Director of Haltech Engine Management Andrew DiMartino dives into the topic of customer relationships and Davin drinks some tea.

Talks about:

- The importance of accessibility between company and customer at times when it matters most.

- Having the proper resources to support customers properly.

- The importance...

Nov 13, 2018

Marketing Director of Konig Wheels Scott Weiss welds an office chair and Davin almost insults his DSM roots.

- Scott Weiss Loves to work on build, crazy builds. Has a 2006, twin turbo 350z with only 23,000 miles on it One thing that made him/them successful in marketing

- Success is subjectives. Make quality product. He...

Nov 8, 2018

Today Davin and I kick off our pilot episode. We explain what you all can expect in future episodes and we dive into a quick discussion about branding.

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